Our annual  intermediate fly-tying class will be held on Saturday, February 19th.  This year Dave Boyer will be leading the class, which will be held at the Food Bank of Central Arkansas on Highland Circle across from the Arena Sports Grill. Class will be from 9:00am-3:00pm with lunch provided by the club. 

The goal is to give students a better understanding of the materials and techniques used in construction of a fly.   We hope to make you  ‘Think’ about the fly prior to and during tying. Can alternate materials be used? How about a different technique to apply the materials? All with the goal of tying a fly that is acceptable to the fish!!! 

What is thread control? Look at different thread composition and ways to control your materials as you tie them in. How do you reduce bulk by selection of materials use of thread wraps, etc. We will look at the use of UV resins, positive and negative aspects with students allowed to try the instructor’s lights and resins. 

Hooks and materials will be furnished. Students must provide their own vices, tools, and thread. Class will be limited to 12 and you should have a beginner’s knowledge as to initialing thread on a hook, tying materials and how to whip finish. Instructor will be David Boyer.

Class is free for NAFF members.  Again only 12 students will be accepted.

To register, please contact Ceil Gasiecki at 219-776-9620 or at 2shortinar@gmail.com.